6:30AM Hatha - In-Shape
4PM  Yin - Pleasure Point

8:15PM Yin - Divinitree

12PM Hatha Flow -Divinitree
7:15-8:30pm Yin - PPY

12pm Hatha Flow - Divinitree

6PM Yin - PPY

Designed for new and experienced students, Katie's holistic HATHA FLOW classes focus on harmonizing breath with movement. With warmth and compassion,  she creates a nurturing environment where students are guided to look inward and listen to their bodies. Students are encouraged to move with authenticity and ease through a slow, grounding flow.  After facing several sports-related injuries, Katie recognizes the uniqueness of each student and has sincere concern for their alignment and safety. She is inspired by the teaching, "yoga is the integration of head, heart, and hands", as we are reminded to align our thoughts, words, and actions.  Pause, take a deep breath, and practice.

YIN YOGA is a deeply meditative practice where passive floor postures are held for several minutes. These safe stretches sooth the nervous system and enliven the flow of energy in the body.  Most of us have an excess of "yang", or doing and pushing, in our lives, that a yin practice, un-doing, becomes such nourishing medicine. Come practice the art of slowing down, relax, and go withYIN.

Shabbat Yoga
Temple Beth El
FREE CLASS - 2nd Saturday of the Month
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An opportunity to "unplug".
Intertwining ancient wisdom traditions, we prepare the mind-body for a sacred day of rest and rejuvenation.  Gentle practice - all levels welcome! 


"I have been practicing yoga for almost 20 years and Katie is the BEST yoga teacher I've ever experienced, period. She is highly attuned to the depth that lies at the core of yoga and gracefully creates an environment for her students to experience the same. Katie's work has played an integral role in both my personal and professional life."
  -Clint Pardoe, Business Coach
Dear Katie,
I can't even begin to tell you how important your class was for me during my time in Santa Cruz. I have recently begun my recovery process as an Adult child of a dysfunctional family, and I so appreciated being in a healing space. The way you phrase your words leaves me completely free to have my own process with my body, rather than seek to please others or my own rigid expectations. I've always found yoga to do more damage than good because it brings up stored traumas in my body without encouragement to be gentle and compassionate with myself. Your class changed that for me, and in tandem with other life experiences, opened me to the entire realm of spirituality and connectedness. I have a deep gratitude for you and what you do.
Namaste, L” - Lauren

"I had taken several years of yoga before a fellow student told me about your class and suggested I give it a try.  Prior to your class I had thought of yoga as a “work out,” compared myself to others in the class and felt badly about my limited skills, and considered sweat the only true sign of whether the class had been a “success” for me.  Taking class with you has been an unbelievable blessing that has altered for the better how I practice yoga.  As you lead us through each pose and progression of poses, the way you speak to us opens me up in mind, body, and heart.  I am gentle with myself and feel joy with my own body and also with the achievements of others in the class. No longer do I concern myself with what others are doing or compete and compare but rather notice and embrace what my body is doing.  With your guidance and teaching, I am much more mindful and intentional in my breathing, and in asking my body what it needs and thinking of the practice as a way to give my body an opportunity to grow and “expand” instead of a work out where I have to force my body to submit to my will. The way you present the class and the way you talk with us has also been very inspirational. It’s as if the class itself is an organic thing that has it’s own flow and life to it-a mirror image of my desires for my individual practice…I know there will be something wonderful there for me each and every time.  I can’ thank you enough for that; your classes are the best I have every taken and other classes pale in comparison. I have to tell you, too that the way you lower and relax us into shavasana with your words has made a lasting impression on me. No matter where I’m practicing, when it comes time for shavasana, yours is the only voice I hear.  It brings a smile to me as I close my eyes and hear your voice saying, “shavasana.”  Thanks so much and know that your teaching has made my life better!” - Sharon G


"A year after my husband passed away I felt I needed to start exercising again and get healthy. I decided to try yoga. That's where I met Katie. She changed my life. She encouraged me to stay... She talked to me about Ayurveda and how she thought it would help me. Today I'm still taking her yoga class and she is my Ayurvedic Consultant, helping to keep me heathy. To me she is truly an angel.
-Toni McKee, student

Dear Katie, 
Thank you for sharing your beautiful LOVE of yoga with me. My life has been enriched beyond words. You are a special teacher with amazing gifts. 
Inspired, student.